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By Slathalin
I feel so left out, y'know, not being able to drive and such...
As soon as i can, though, i'll post a picture of my car (or at least the one i drive) xD
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By Meowrocket
Just thought I'd bump this thread back up with a bit of excitement. As of just now, I passed the tests to grant me a full driving license. My picture on it may still look terrible, but I can drive freely now.
Speaking of which, I don't think I ever mentioned my car. Even with my license I can't quite drive it yet- I have to practice with a manual transmission first. But my cute red Toyota Echo (My little buddy, coming in at almost exactly 1 year younger than me) will soon see the road again after being all but abandoned when my brother ran off to college.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. It was a major thing to me, anyway.
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By MindlessInsanity
The most patriotic set of wheels I could find.
Skating is awesome.
muhDankBoard.jpg (151.34 KiB) Viewed 8730 times
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By dlgn
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By dlgn
Exabyte I wrote:Are you a cowboy?
No, I just know how to appreciate a good pair of boots.
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By Darth_Raven
I walk or take public transport ..... I am saving up for a good bicycle.
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