Post any ideas / suggestions for the game servers here.
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By falareborn
Darentir wrote:Peejaywk and I noticed that when he came mining in the nether, where I already was, the number of pigmen spawnign where I was, went from 20-30/minute to absolutely 0. And not a single pigman spawned after he entered the nether on a period of half an hour.

This HAS to be a bug right?
You should see the Wither Skeleton Spawn area, its my new exp farm ><
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By Darentir
I'm actually talking about the wither skeleton spawn area. After Peejawk started farming, the spawn rate went straight to 0 and remained like this until he left the nether.
By Jeff_K_2000
/profile doesn't work on certain players. For example, zupt. You can prove this for yourself by trying /p, it says he never played but you can add him/her on your buddy list. Only people who logged on can be buddied.
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By dlgn
Bu1ld0g wrote:I'm curious how a banned player knows this?
Probably from before his ban, or possibly talking to his friends who still play.
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By Intelli
Server is back up. The end border has also now been extended.
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By Grelman
Hoppers won't pick up items. I mine them up, put them back down and they were for a little and then break again.
By Bonejunky
Sticking a boat at the very top of Intelli Tower and then getting in to the boat will cause the server to kick you for flying.

EDIT: Scratch that. I believe this happened because I right clicked the boat from two blocks below. Also, not sure if a Minecraft or a MineRealm thing, but boats prevent fall damage.

EDIT2: If a boat is in the iron tubes, entering the boat will cause you to glitch through the floor. May be a Minecraft thing.
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