Post any ideas / suggestions for the game servers here.
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By Grelman
Some of these bugs stated are probably due to the server being only partially 1.8. Not sure when we'll be able to update to full, but the sooner the better.
By xMANxHUNTx78x
Ok, I'm not sure if this is a bug, a server issue, or just a coincidence, but i have been wandering out at night multiple nights and not seen a single naturally spawned hostile mob. Other players i have talked to also say they haven't seen any hostile mobs lately. I was roaming around looking for endermen and i didn't even see a zombie once over multiple nights.
By Bu1ld0g
On the flip side of this I'm seeing lots of passive mobs spawning everywhere at the moment, all within the per plot count mind you.
This is a good thing imo.
By xMANxHUNTx78x
yeah there have been a lot more passive mobs spawning. I kind of want there to be some hostile mobs because i need mah ender pearls. well, endermen arent really hostile, but they also arent spawning, so.
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By river33
Don't know if the map overview is supposed to update at a certain time, but I think it is supposed to be a live feed. Anyway.

The map overview isn't updating for me. It show my character updating, but the land isn't.


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By Grelman
I am experiencing a glitch right now where I cannot level up my xp. I collect tons of it from all different sources yet I it does not increase the increments or the levels. This has been going on since last night after the server started having problems. I hope there is a fix for this or else I wont be able to repair anything :(

EDIT: Well, apparently killing yourself if you experience this glitch will fix it. Interesting.
By eah
Sometimes you will be kicked for flying when teleporting to spawn.
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By cubeguy314
Buttons cannot be placed on the top of upside down stairs like they can in single player.
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By Darentir
Peejaywk and I noticed that when he came mining in the nether, where I already was, the number of pigmen spawnign where I was, went from 20-30/minute to absolutely 0. And not a single pigman spawned after he entered the nether on a period of half an hour.

This HAS to be a bug right?
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