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By river33
As MineRealm continues into the future, it's becoming obviously apparent that the few elites of the server that play regularly are eventually going to own every spawn plot on the server.

There are a few reasons this is bad for the server:
1) Less people interacting at spawn because it's impossible for 1 person to be everywhere at once
2) Less changes to older structures keeping spawn "new" and "fresh"
3) Less diversification for newer players / older players that don't want to hop on every 30 days

There are also a couple reason why this is good for the server and its people:
1) Promotes trading of plots so that more people can create bigger builds within multiple plots
2) Gives new players the chance to snag themselves a spawn plot if it goes public

Anyone over the limit can decide which plots to disband and which to keep and I guarantee that almost every plot over the limit was purchased from a public plot. This way, people aren't really losing any money in the process.

My suggestion is simply to limit the number of spawn plots 1 person can have within a certain ring of plots. This won't completely fix the issue because obviously that person could just put the plot into someone else's name, but this requires them to do more work.

Example: I own 10 plots within 6 rings of spawn (10 is our theoretical limit). I find a couple public spawn realms that I want but can't get because I have already hit my limit (this could be enforced pretty easily). I would have to go out of my way to make sure someone from my guild or a friend gets on or comes over to that plot to pick it up for me therefore giving plenty of time for someone else to get the plot.

I don't know what the exact limit should be, but I would suggest something like 6-10 plots for the first 6 rings of spawn.

Here the number of plots owned by people within just the first SIX rings of spawn:
Corporate_cowboy: 37
Grelman: 31
Finalmoe (RSMCYT): 12
Soul_night: 11
Nephalem: 10
Braden64: 7
TornadicManiac: 6
0820497: 6
Xzor: 6
Eah: 5
Intelli isn’t on that list. He owns 3 of the 4 spawn plots and also 1 of the first ring. Everyone would love to have plots and builds at spawn but its fair the way it is now. If you want one then put in the work. Everyone on your list has spent years to get what they have. Deals can be made I’m sure as everything is for sell for the right price.
I really don't think the biggest problem with plots near spawn is a majority of them being owned by a small number of people.

You would have me and more people on board if you talked about a suggestion to address the real problem which is spawn plots being owned by people who don't play this game anymore.

The fact that cowboy owns so many plots near spawn that he has never changed a single block on in anywhere from the 2-5 years hes owned them is a problem. I haven't seen him spend more than 10 seconds online since 2016. The main difference between cowboy and the rest of the plot owners inside spawn is that you could conceivably get in touch with them to ask about buying/trading plots, or even getting perms on them.

For the most part I dont see plot logging as an issue. Its fair that people keep their stuff protected when they've spent the time building up their virtual creations and buying them to protect them. But I view the untouched plots at spawn that cowboy owns as a crime to the community. For all we know he'll keep logging till the end of the servers existence and nothing will ever be built on these plots despite those active vets who would love to finally change the ugly, boring land that haven't actually been built on at all, or if they have it was probably 7 or more years ago that they were.

I'm not sure if Intelli would ever directly intervene with repossesing cowboys unused plots, but he's shown that if the community all echo the same sentiments towards an issue something may well be done about it.
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