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By zellbud
As this server is starting to gain players again PVP is something that is going to happen. Back in the day, the nether was the place to fight. Even the end now fighting will go on. I started to really play again 2 days ago, in those 2 days I would say every fight I get into ends with the player logging and going to grab dinner or something making me sit there to even try and get the kill. This isn't how PVP is supposed to be with the person who is going to die being able to log out and just wait the other person out. There is no reason to even fight in the first place. What I suppose is if you are PVP tagged anywhere, in the nether, end, or you did /PVP if you log out you die and your stuff drops. It makes no sense to have PVP even on in these places if the person can just log out. It makes no sense. I would like to say PVP was a big part of this server and I hope it can be made right so it can be fun again. Thank you
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By TornadicManiac
I do believe there was a rule regarding this that went something along the lines of:
"You are not allowed to PVP log and log back in within a given period of time"

Given our recent update, we are easing up on how strictly we enforce the rules, so I'm not sure if this rule is still being enforced.

I will discuss this and update this post when I have clarification.
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By TornadicManiac
In response to the above.

The original ruling on this matter from before states:

"You are not allowed to relog to gain an advantage in PVP. If you are being pursued, and log off, you should stay logged off for a while so as to not take advantage of the temporary invulnerability granted by logging in.

- In addition to pvp logging, logging to wait for backup to get an advantage is also considered as pvp logging and will be counted as such."

This ruling still stands.

If you believe any player is PVP logging, either PM a Staff member in game, or via the Discord server.
Although we are easing up on how strictly we enforce the rules, users may still be banned for repeat violations, and for blatantly disregarding the server rules.
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