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By AvadaKedavra
In Game Username: AvadaKedavra64

Real Name: Allison
Age: 21
Gender: Female

About Me: When i first got minecraft in 2014 my neighbor discovered this server and we played together for a few years before he moved. After that i continued to log on because i was having a lot of fun. In my heart I know Minrealm can be back where it was at its peak. About a year after my friend moved and quit playing i introduced about 6 new friends of mine to the server and we formed Titans Core guild. later that year the entity ban went into place and most of them quit. About 6 months after that Azure_Katt who was a good friend of mine passed away from osteosarcoma which resulted in me leaving minecraft for about 8 months. After logging back on I realized this place was a community, a family.

Apart from my one ban shortly after joining due to playing a prank on my friend i like to think ive been a pretty active member of the minerealm community. I may not be the strongest player or even an average player considering i spend more time in sp creative than anything else. I'm a builder and I started playing minecraft as a healthy creative outlet so i wouldnt bother my parents 24/7 with my boundless energy.

This server means so much to a lot of people, as hard as it was to log back in and see Katt's creations all around me, they made me stronger. I fixed up her house and moved across the map but saved that plot as a shrine to her.

Some of the qualities that I believe would make me a good staff member are my enthusiasm. I love looking around at this server and seeing everyone having fun. I enjoy helping people however i can. I am willing to drop what im doing to assist someone else whenever necessary.

Please let me know if there is anything else you guys would like to know about!

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