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By dlgn
mitchman04 wrote:Just a question about the pvp logging. So if I am being attacked in the nether when I don't want to be and I pvp log and come back on in a minute or so, is that bannable?
^ This. I do that sometimes, like when I got almost killed by Frostybirth after getting stuck in a block. I hope it's not bannable.

I believe what it said was if you log, MSG friends to gear up and come to you for back up, then log in to help to overpower the player, that is ban-able. Logging to avoid fighting I believe is still OK. So long as you don't use it to gain advantage against the other player.
N2Z wrote:Your banning people for doing stuff that was legal at the time?
So many people that follow your rules have been banned, for this reason without giving them a fair chance. I'm sorry but that's unfair, did you even think before you went hammer mad?

If randomly you said people aren't allowed to swear in private chat / guild chat and then you banned everyone that did it before the rule was in place would that be fair? I understand logging is silly and people would have broke this rule but they didn't. Unfair ban on a lot of people, There is a correct way on introducing a new rule and this.. wasn't it.

As for that, I believe they went the right way with it. How could you not see that this was getting an advantage over another player when you log off, gather friends up and tell them where to go? They banned the players for taking advantage of the system. They need to be made an example of.
I will try to remedy this situation without making it a bigger issue. First off let me say I find some of the posts I've been reading hilarious regarding the issue seeing as, I won't say who, you said they deserved it and you like the new rule. Now you're here saying the opposite. But anyway this rule wasn't exactly public and was being discussed by staff while all of this was happening. Warning were giving and some stopped some didn't but the fact is it was pretty much common knowledge.

It wasn't exactly a rule implement more of a clarification(as VVolfie stated.) It doesn't take a rocket science to figure out that logging to wait for backup is gaining advantage. In these cases you were fighting prior from what I've read/seen/heard and to note these were the severe loggers. So you guys should really just learn to take your deaths, what's the point of pvp if you can just logout and avoid it all? Why bother?

For those who claim to have done it only once or twice, I have your login times and where you were roughly so lying about it isn't helping. As far as unfair, I don't see them unfair at all you guys knew what you were doing, many of you complained alot, ironically after your parties were just doing it.

Oneman- Try days ago not weeks. This post was actually typed up the very day we started logging and keeping track of who did it.

N2Z - As I said it's more of a clarification than a new rule. They were told to stop a few times, so technically they were already warned.

The bans will not be permanent if that's what you guys are thinking, they will be handled normally with possible shorter bans than normal.

What twisted said is pretty much it.

TLDR; They will all be unbanned, none of them are permabanned. We find them to be fair bans if you want to argue about it feel free to pm me.
I've been wondering... What if you enter the nether, log out to avoid death, then your guild comes to team up against your killer, but you don't ever log back on until hours or so later? Would that be bannable?
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By dlgn
cubeguy314 wrote:I've been wondering... What if you enter the nether, log out to avoid death, then your guild comes to team up against your killer, but you don't ever log back on until hours or so later? Would that be bannable?
Assuming you don't actually tell them to, I'd imagine it would be perfectly fine. If you did, IDK. It's kind of a grey area.

cubeguy314 wrote:I've been wondering... What if you enter the nether, log out to avoid death, then your guild comes to team up against your killer, but you don't ever log back on until hours or so later? Would that be bannable?
If you had no hand in your guild's arrival, you're safe. If you DID take part in getting them there, but had no part in the actually combat, it'll depend on the circumstances.

Not really a new rule, just new legalese closing a loophole. Logging out to get your crew there to back you up is clearly exploitative, and shouldn't have been happening in the first place. The most egregious offenders were warned. Those that stopped were let go, those that didn't, are now banned. Nobody gets to play the victim card here.
By N2Z
Okay with that being said Aelcalan I reject my previous post. But it should have been mentioned really to prevent people including me thinking you went ban hammer mad for no reason. If they all was warned then they should be banned. Although, I've been informed some people wasn't and still got hit by the hammer.

you'd be right N2Z, they were told not to do it again or they'd be banned. They were warned and they stopped after being warned and were still banned
By Rixih
What I find funny about all the arguing is that people were totally okay with other players being banned and then when a friend got banned they changed their mind entirely. I'd like to make clear (because apparently people still don't understand) that this is NOT a new rule, rather a clarification on an already set in stone rule. Pvp logging to gain advantage is not allowed. It took some time to come to a consensus about whether these specific incidents would apply, but that does not mean we suddenly changed the rules and then banned people for it.
Lets put this in simple terms shall we?
Say the color blue isn't allowed. No one is allowed to build with the color blue on the server or you'll be banned. But some players (Like vv) one day use light blue instead. The light blue color is a variation of blue but isn't defined in the rule. Staff have to decide whether or not these people are allowed to use that color or not. They warn players it may not be allowed. Later they come to the conclusion that light blue isn't allowed either, and ban the players who used that color. They didn't make a new rule, but rather clearly defined the specifics of it. And that is exactly what has happened here.
Now poor bloo deprived vv must go make a respectful appeal and promise not to use bloo again.
*plays worlds smallest violin*
Noone really found it "fine" when it happened to the other sides, Vortexs members were the first to go, we wernt happy and no other pvpers were on to opinionate. Then other sides got banned, those sides then were somewhat frusterated. Even non pvpers that have been here for a while (ex:prodigy9) he's not a pvper. But he still thought the same thing. I don't think anyone was ever "fine" with it. I talked to rokkr privately. Rokkr explained it in a much better manner then anyone. Anyone still confused/ disagreeing with what happened. Ask rokkr. He makes his point seem very valid.
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