Post any ideas / suggestions for the game servers here.
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By BSGSamuel
Chest minecarts are no longer being filled by hoppers above them (was working in 1.9). Hopper minecart do still work though (but probably because they are sucking the items in and not relying on the hopper above them).
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By Intelli
LARDIMUS_PRIME wrote:Villagers aren't harvesting crops

Fix plez
The gamerule mobGriefing is already enabled.

>[Server thread/INFO]: mobGriefing = true
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By Intelli
LARDIMUS_PRIME wrote:Villagers aren't harvesting crops

Fix plez
Alright, further changes have been made. Let me know if it's now fixed.
By Quentijn
Not sure what is happening but the server has been have some lage spikes on my part. I did multiple speedtest and checked for any inconcistencies on my end, there were none.. Maybe something has started to hog the server's resources?
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By Grelman
I and some others have noticed some bugs/unintended behavior during the last months and I thought I'd list them here after neglecting to mention anything about them for a while.

1.) Since we updated to 1.13 I've noticed that water won't break crops like wheat, potatoes, carrots, and beets.

2.) The spawning of non water passives like wolves, llamas, parrots, polar bears, and ocelots seems broken as neither I nor anyone have seen these mobs spawn in years. The same is more or less true for other more common passives as well.

3.) 1.13 has added a command suggest functionality that is constantly popping up and overlay of players names when using a /g, /m, or /b command to chat. It is very annoying. I dont know how easy this would be to fix, but if it could go the way of the dinosaurs we'd really appreciate it.

Here is an example of the overlay that pops up of names which used to only show up only if you hit "Tab" but now reappears with every word you type.

lastly, theres this weird glitch where useful F3 info like light level, biome, and coordinates is missing from where it should otherwise be
By eah
And tall grass won't break when you break the block beneath it.
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By Grelman
We all know 1.14 is one of the buggiest Minecraft updates in years, and the game has slowly become more functional, but there are some lingering issues that either havent been addressed by any of the updates to 1.14, or I couldn't find on the bugtracker for the vanilla game.

1st and worst is nether portals out of the nether killing people

The only portal out of the nether that works is the nether spawn one. All others transport the player 20 something blocks in a random direction regardless of air or solid blocks and a lot of people have died as a result.

Private Plot loopholes:

Bonemeal can be used by anyone on private plots.

Anyone can take books off of lecturns.

Anyone can take armor off of armor stands.

Other annoying issues:

Turtles never lay eggs, despite doing their "digging" animation.
By DGannon
There are two problems with mob spawners, apparently due to this change:
Added dynamic mob spawning limiting (for portals & spawners) when the server TPS falls below 20.
Firstly, mob spawners only spawn 1 mob at a time regardless of server TPS. Typically, they should spawn 3 or 4 at a time. Secondly, the mobs spawn with AI disabled and will just stand there, never attacking or moving at all. This can be confirmed easily by going to any mob spawner.
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